When you connect with folks on LinkedIn you’ll receive an update from your connection’s activity. Those updates will be displayed on your homepage when you first login to LinkedIn, very similar to Facebook’s “News Feed” feature.

LinkedIn calls this feature “All Updates” and it will display when your network connects to someone, joins a group, uploads a new profile photo, posts a job, tweets something on Twitter, or makes an update to their profile.

If you’re connected to a lot of people, as you can imagine, the “All Updates” feature will be flooded with dozens, if not hundreds of new updates. As a matter of fact as I’m writing this, there has been over 52 updates in my network in just the last ten minutes.

In my experience most professionals ignore reviewing the “All Updates” feature because they haven’t found value in it. The value comes from the ability to focus on specific updates from specific connections and capitalize on this opportunities when they present themselves. You can only do this successfully if you ignore and hide everyone else’s updates that aren’t relevant to your current career or job search goals.

Let me give you an example. As of this writing, only four minutes ago, Kristine Hoormann said on her status update:

“Looking to get hands on experience in IT, please send me resume!!!”

In the status update she has a link to a “Job: Helpdesk Analyst in Menomonee Falls, WI”.

If you weren’t looking at her update at 6:45 a.m. you probably would have missed this potential job opportunity because your other connection’s updates would have buried this job opportunity from Kristine.

So how can you avoid not missing important job opportunities from your connections?

I have created a short video to show you how to hide status updates from some of your connections so you can focus on the ones that really matter and the ones that you should be paying attention to right now:

Month of January is going to be all about focusing on your most important tasks, connections, and behaviors that will set you up for a strong 2012.

In this age we are bombarded with too much information. What you focus on, and what you eliminate, will determine how successful you become.

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