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Join ProLango and our new venue sponsor, Maggiano’s Little Italy, at the 3rd ProLango Career Mixer as we explore “Blacklisted: Tips for getting off the recruiters’ blacklist!

If you’re in the market for a job chances are, you’ve heard stories about the recruiters’ blacklist and found yourself wondering, “What is the recruiters’ blacklist and how do you get on it?” or “I seem to be on the blacklist, how do I get off?” It’s not urban legend. Come learn how to avoid getting on the blacklist and even more importantly what to do to escape if you’re already on it (presented by Paul Anderson of ProLango Consulting Inc).

Career Mixer: Presented by ProLango Consulting Inc & Maggiano’s Little Italy
Date: Monday, September 21, 2009
Time: 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Location: Maggiano’s Little Italy, Lincoln Center, 10455 NE 8th St, Bellevue, WA 98004
Cost: As ever our event is free, but space is limited so RSVP now!
Other Details: In addition to a no-host bar, Maggiano’s will put out an appetizer buffet (see details below).

Our last career mixer was covered by Q13 News and drew over 300 attendees including job seekers, employed professionals, company representatives, and 3rd party recruiters. Company representatives at the August mixer included: Starbucks, Expedia, Sound Transit, Microsoft, and T-Mobile.

At ProLango, attendee experience is a priority. We’re open to your suggestions, please list 3 companies you would like to see at the September event. While we can’t guarantee they’ll attend, we will invite them. Register by 09/09/2009 and we will invite up to 3 companies or individuals you list to the mixer. Register after September 9th and (time permitting) we will invite those you list and we encourage you to submit your list. If we don’t get to it for September it will be at the top of the list for the next mixer.

We are thrilled to be partnering with Maggiano’s Little Italy. Our event will be held in their spacious banquet facility which includes: 2 no-host bars (dedicated), private access, and an audio system wired directly into the space. In addition a buffet of popular appetizers will be available for $ 5.50 (tax included). Available items include: Italian meatballs, stuffed mushrooms, breaded ravioli, and assorted cheeses.

Special thanks to our venue sponsor:

Interested in sponsorship opportunities?

ProLango Career Mixers is the perfect chance to feature your business in front of hundreds of potential customers. Contact Christine Szekeres at or 425.444.0267 for more information.


Live Seminars in December

The Career Search Excellence seminar is packed with only the hottest tips and tricks for professionals seeking a new opportunity – giving you a competitive edge over the competition. The seminar is free (sponsored) and there are three dates to choose from in December.
  • December 5 (Bellevue, WA)
  • December 8 (Bellevue, WA)
  • December 10 (Bellevue, WA)
Register Now (It's free.)
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5 Responses to ProLango Career Mixer September 2009

  1. Brenda Donner says:

    Bringing Bruce Brewer as a guest, for a total of 2.

  2. Leo Henton says:

    Paul Anderson of emphasize’s the importance of a networking prescence on I accept invitations via LinkedIn

    Presently +150 local Seattle area recruiters are first-hand connections of mine on LinkedIn, as are +500 nation-wide recruiters. Connecting on the LinkedIn website aid’s the recruiters in their search.

    Leo Henton

    leo dot henton at comcast dot net

    Seattle, WA 98118

  3. Make sure you all register by clicking on the Register button. That’s where and how we’re tracking registrations.

    We’ve had over 100 RSVPs in just a few hours. This is going to be a great event!

  4. Here is a story from one of our Career Mixer attendees / bootcamp student that got a job at the last mixer:

    Diane’s Connection Story:

    I was at the Prolango Mixer Monday evening, Power Connecting (I think that was my volunteer title). I was standing near the bar and turned to face a female. We began to talk. A gentleman, James, came up to us and said “I’m sorry but I want to talk to you.” Meaning the girl I was talking to. He said he was a recruiter and was interested in Developers and noticed her name tag was labeled just that. So I hang out as a third-wheel. Then he asks me what I am looking for. I tell him I’m a Marketing Professional. He says, “Oh then you need to talk to this person.” He points to a co-worker standing nearby. He, Casey, comes over and we all begin to talk. I share a little about myself and he tells me he has some positions available that would be a good fit. We exchange business cards and I tell him I will email him in the morning (Tuesday). I do so, he responds, provides the job descriptions, etc. He submits me for two jobs.

    In the mean time I drive down to Oregon to visit my parents and have some car work completed. I get a call from Casey saying he received a request for a phone interview for one of the positions. I take the interview from my parents house Wednesday afternoon. At the end of the phone interview the hiring manager tells me she will be making a decision Friday off the phone interviews. She will not be calling anyone in for in-person interviews. She also said I was one of her top candidates because she liked my ideas and what I had to say. She said she was interested in talking further and hearing more of my ideas.

    Friday afternoon I get a call from Casey offering me the job. He said, Karen, the hiring manager was very impressed with my problem solving skills in the interview and that’s what made her decision. I haven’t met her in person yet. I was hired sight unseen (I think this is a first).

    Casey said I made his time at the Mixer worth it.


  5. Nathan Sikes says:

    I would like to RSVP. I will be attending to network, look for new clients, and meet potential new friends.