In my last post, I talked about how you can build a deeper rapport with the hiring manager during a job interview by identifying and matching his or her communication style (visual, auditory or kinesthetic).

Here’s another communication technique you can use in your next interview.

People, in general, are motivated toward pleasure or away from pain. We tend to have a dominant style. The successful people in our society are driven by pleasure and their net worth, level of achievement and contribution to society keep rising. Other people are more driven away from pain, to the level of attaining a certain level of comfort. As an example, think about the person who goes on a diet to lose 10 pounds and once they reach that goal they go back to their usual eating style.

When you’re interviewing for your next opportunity, try to figure out if the hiring manager is driven toward pleasure or avoiding pain. You can increase your effectiveness in connecting with the manager if you speak his or her style.

It’s helpful to find out prior to your interview if this is a new opening or if it is a replacement of someone who already held the role.

Managers hiring for new positions tend to be pleasure-driven, as they’re trying to attain something new. Ask the manager what her top objectives are and what she’s trying to achieve. Focus your presentation on experiences in your past where you helped the company attain similar goals.

On the other hand, if you’re interviewing to replace someone, chances are high that the hiring manager was experiencing some pain. Ask the hiring manager what his top challenges are and what he’s trying to mitigate. Focus your presentation on challenges you had to overcome and how you helped your previous manager avoid similar pains.

When you’re in your next interview, pay attention to these little details that can help you tailor your presentation style. Start practicing these communication techniques today and share your successes in the comments section below.

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