Watch this two minute video on how to maximize a ProLango Career Mixer:

Here are the employers attending the September 2012 ProLango Career Mixer. You can find the list of all attendees by scrolling down on the event’s page and clicking “Show More” a few times.

We’ve also listed what roles they’re hiring for and the specific company contact so you can look for them at the event:

UW Medicine: Healthcare, Admin, Laboratory, Clinical (Kathleen Torchia)

UW Medicine: Any (Maria Kim)

Expeditors International of Washington: Various (Jonathan Valdez)

Fluke: Engineers, Operational, Sales (Courtney Danaraj)

ThyssenKrupp Aerospace NA/TMX Aerospace: Admin Coordinator, Purchasing Contract Administrator, Customer Service Rep (Scott Haas)

110 Consulting: Data Analysts, SQL Developers, .Net Developers, Finance Analysts (Genie Tower)

110 Consulting: Developers, Analysts, Project Managers (Jay Garcia)

110 Consulting: Finance Analyst / Data Analyst / SQL Developer (Jesse Hilgers)

110 Consulting: Professional Services (Karen Boun)

110 Consulting: Developers, Testers, PM’s, Project Coordinators, Engineers, Management Consultants, UI/Graphic Designers, Instructional Designers (Sarah Eckroth)

MATRIX: IT Roles (Gigi Burton)

MATRIX: Software Developers, IT (Randy Burton)

CodeSmart Inc: App Dev, App Architect, Web Dev, ETL Dev, Reports Dev (Mark Meyer)

Axelerate: Project Managers, Tech Writers, DBA (Elizabeth Patton)

Chameleon Technologies: Technical (Yelena Mager)

ChinaSoft International: 40+ IT Roles (Travis Dougan)

ChinaSoft US: Software Developers, Program Managers, Testers (Darcy Stubblefield)

thinkspace: Member Coordinator, Account Executive, Social Evangelist (Peter Chee)

Hitachi Consulting: Entry-level consultant, IT Consultant (Donald Tran)

Caiman Consulting: Technical Project Managers (Roy Anderson)

Aerotek: Engineering, Professional Services, Commercial, Energy, Scientific (Matthew Gonzales)

People Tech Group: Project Manager (Bunny Hartman)

AVYCI Solutions: SDE, SharePoint Architect, Business Analyst, Tech Writer (Matt Foster)

Centerpoint: SW/HW, Engineering, ERP, Controls, Robotics, Process Engineering, Automation Tools (Will Baumann)

SumBridge: Finance and Accounting (Pete Gehrett)

First Rate Mortgage: Sales (Curt Tiedeman)

Marbles The Brain Store: Sales Associate (Jesse Chase)

Altriva Solutions: CRM Consultant (Caitlin Smith)

Live Seminars in December

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