Watch this two minute video on how to maximize a ProLango Career Mixer:

Here are the employers attending the May 2012 ProLango Career Mixer. You can find the list of all attendees by scrolling down on the event’s page and clicking “Show More” a few times.

We’ve also listed what roles they’re hiring for and the specific company contact so you can look for them at the event:

UW Medicine: Healthcare Administrative Specialist (Maria Kim)

Amazon: SDE, Technical Program Manager (Morgan Akers)

Amazon: SDEs, SDETs, Technical Program Managers (Christine Alluise)

Expedia: Technical (Sara Fleischman)

Experis: Various Engineering Roles (Michael T Nguyen)

DataSphere Technologies: Account Executive (Margaret King)

Zones, Inc: Operations, IT, Finance, Marketing, Sales (Amy Ala)

Caiman Consulting: Technical Project Managers, Program Managers, Consultants (Roy Anderson)

Axelerate: Project Managers, Content Editors (Maha Judeh)

Axelerate: Project Manager, Service Engineer, Business Continuity Project Manager, Service Manager (Stephanie Glass)

Hitachi Consulting: Multiple (tech-based) – Developers, Web Designers (Morgana Buell)

PDS Tech: IT (Michael Solomon)

MacroCCS: Developers, Project Managers, Product Managers (Tamson Ing)

Revel Consulting: Sr. Management Consultants (Donta Moore)

Ci2i Services Inc: Business Development Manager (Ajay Sikka)

The Hive: UI/UX Designers, Database Architect/Engineers, Programmers (David Smith)

Kelly Services: Admin, HR, Light Industrial (Travis Brown)

AVYCI Solutions: Business Intelligence PM, IT Client Services Consultant, SharePoint Architect, Business Intelligence Practice Lead (Matt Foster)

Kalles Group: Project Manager, Software Engineer, Analysts (Derek Kalles)

Kalles Group: Technology (Karen Gach)

AAA Washington: HR Director, Customer Service Representatives (ERS & Insurance) (Rachel Jackman)

Social Freedom: Sales (Corinne Cavanaugh)

On Point Inc: Management (Chris Johanson)

TMX Aerospace | ThyssenKrupp Aerospace NA: Supply Chain Analyst/Purchasing Systems Specialist, Sr. Quality Engineer, Lean Champion, Customer Service Rep (Scott Haas)

Bsquare: Solutions Marketing Manager, Software Engineer, Flash & Actionscript, Software Engineer, Windows Drivers (Michael Woodward)

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5 Responses to List of employers attending May 2012’s ProLango Career Mixer

  1. Charles Farmer says:

    Good idea, it’s Christian, give and you will receive.

  2. Greg says:

    Please pass this question on to the Kalles group: What is a “Technology” role? Does that mean they’re recruiting for everything from UI developers to mechanical engineers with experience in designing hamster wheels?

    I’m not attending. Just know someone who is and was looking at the list to see if I could offer them some strategic advice. But while many of the role titles are very straightforward, “Technology” is very vague.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Just letting you know that many of the ProLango Events directly conflict with similar Puget Sound PMI dinner events and volunteer meetings. Any chance of scheduling one of upcoming mixers on a Wednesday or Thursday night? Thanks.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Also, really enjoyed your talk at the Feb PSPMI event.

  5. Go ProLango Go — a fun and helpful concept Paul you like me, work on projects to help people feel and think better! I appreciate that in one of your video interviews, you shared about your ‘shoestring’ transition in life with your wife before landing that gig at Microsoft — good you had each other to make it through! And a great simple, from the heart touch for her cupcake birthday gift 🙂

    My long time friend Carol Brickner attended your event last year and it helped her greatly! Will you be branching out and offering ProLango in other cities? My out of work actor friends down here in LA would love it if they could all get hired on TV & Film projects (ha)! I create/produce whimsical and inspirational projects, to help people feel and think better, while using humor and empowerment each day.

    My current project is my fun debut eBook on cost savings & inspiration with day-to-day living entitled: “Life On A Shoestring … In Beverly Hills?” 🙂 It reminds people, if they are in a financial transition or if they are in a dollar stretcher ‘shoestring’ spending plan mode, they can still stay in faith and have a healthy & wealthy mindset while being kind to each other amidst the stress!

    I have lived in the fab 5-star city of Beverly Hills, CA as a single woman apartment renter over 26 years working in the entertainment business. In between gigs, I know how to make ends meet while working on my projects of passion, so I share that in the book plus, I mention low cost ideas to explore this city and over 35 FREE happenings in Beverly Hills! My weekly inspirational Blog and the eBook is available at Good luck with ProLango 2012 good to connect! ~Christine