Watch this two minute video on how to maximize a ProLango Career Mixer:

Here are the employers attending the March 2012 ProLango Career Mixer. You can find the list of all attendees by scrolling down on the event’s page and clicking “Show More” a few times.

We’ve also listed what roles they’re hiring for and the specific company contact so you can look for them at the event:

Amazon: SDE, Tech PM, Dev Mgr (Morgan Akers)

Amazon: eCommerce Platform Services (Kurt Kufeld)

Amazon Retail: Vendor Managers, Technical Product Managers, Instock / Supply Chain, Online Marketing & Site Merchandising (Jennifer Dupper)

Amazon Retail: Product Managers, Vendor Managers, and other non-technical and technical positions (Tim Derner)

Accenture: Consultant-level roles requiring travel and a Bachelors degree (Bruce Bobzien)

Swedish Medical Group: Financial Services Rep, Medical Coding Consultant (Out Patient), Customer Service Rep., Medical Assistant – Float, Healthcare Compliance Educator (Michael Woodward)

thePlatform: Developers, Systems Engineers, Network Engineer (Gloria DaPra)

Axelerate: Project Managers, Technical Writers, Content Editors (Maha Judeh)

Axelerate: Consultants (Elisa Lawson)

Passive Planet: Data Operations Manager (PJ LeDorze)

Passive Planet: Recruiting (Matt Johnson)

MentorServe Corp: Web Designer / Facebook App Developer (Kathryn Rostrom)

ThyssenKrupp Aerospace NA/TMX Aerospace: Inventory and Branch Planner (Purchasing), Supply Chain Analyst, Continuous Improvement Associate (Industrial Engineer), and VP of Asset Management and Analytics (Scott Haas)

Populus Group: IT, Web Development, Software Engineer (Craig Duncan)

Dealpigg, LLC: Sales and Creative teams (Armando Gonzalez)

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5 Responses to List of employers attending March 2012’s ProLango Career Mixer

  1. Ben Koissaba says:

    Will not make it to night for reasons beyond my control

  2. Brittany Mize says:

    My partner Patricia Lomsky and I will not be able to make it to tonight’s mixer. We have experienced a family emergency and we need to cancel. Our most sincere apologies, and we hope to make it to next month’s.

  3. Edna says:

    I was so looking forward for this job event but we just had an emergency so sorry I cant make it tonight…I wish someone can cancel my ticket thank you…

  4. Kathy says:

    I am unable to attend tonight’s event due to a family situation.

  5. Ryan says:

    Very sorry. We are dealing with an issue that render me unable to attend this evening. Really wanted to go!