Professional associations can enhance your job-search activities and dramatically shorten your transition if you know how to leverage them. Most professionals use associations as a way to network with others in their industry. Here are two ways to use them to gain exposure and build credibility with local companies looking to hire.

Speaking engagements
In my recent Hire Ground post “How to use public speaking as a path to employment and career growth,” I mentioned professional associations as a speaking opportunity. These groups tend to host regularly scheduled meetings, and many need people to moderate these events.

While speaking to a targeted group might seem minor, it’s actually very powerful, as it gets your name circulated among the attendees. It’s different from one-on-one networking; being the speaker or moderator creates a level of approachability and makes it easier for the audience to connect with you.

If the idea of public speaking terrifies you, volunteer to help find speakers for the association’s events. This will help you connect with other professionals looking for visibility who, depending on their influence and networks, could be useful contacts for you.

Writing articles
Most associations are always looking for great content to share with their members. Getting your articles published in association newsletters allows you to gain visibility and build credibility beyond your résumé and online profile.

It also creates an opportunity for you to circulate your thoughts to the entire membership, and could amount to a great deal of exposure for you. Better than traditional advertising, this content will be circulated among a targeted demographic; therefore, your approach and messaging should also be targeted for maximum effectiveness.

Business professionals are always looking for distribution. It doesn’t matter that, for example, you produce amazing applesauce; what matters is that thousands of people know about your amazing applesauce.

It’s the same with your personal brand. It doesn’t matter how amazing you are; what matters is that a lot of people know how amazing you are.

In my next post, I’ll give you three additional strategies you can use immediately to build your visibility and credibility — and get hired quickly.

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