I recently interviewed Miriam Salpeter, author of “Social Networking for Career Success,” about the basic question every job seeker is asking about Twitter: Can Twitter help me find a job?

To give you background on Miriam, she’s a career coach, resume writer, public speaker and the owner of Keppie Careers. More importantly for this discussion, she was recognized by CNN as one of the “10 job tweeters you should be following.”

“So, you don’t think you need another social network to propel your search? You’re on LinkedIn — isn’t that enough?” Miriam questions. Well, she says, if you are not participating in Twitter, you are missing opportunities that may make the difference for your job hunt.

If you haven’t yet gotten up to speed on Twitter, here are Miriam’s insights on some questions you might have:

So, once again … What exactly is Twitter? “Technically, Twitter is an online ‘microblogging’ platform that allows participants to send 140-character messages to people who choose to ‘follow’ them. Think of it as texting a lot of people at once.”

What makes it unique? “Twitter makes it easy to find and connect with people you would like to meet. Unlike LinkedIn and Facebook, it’s acceptable and expected for you to follow and message contacts without first having a mutual friend introduce you.”

Who is on Twitter? “Companies, CEOs, top-level executives, hiring managers, recruiters, prospective colleagues and everyone in-between is on Twitter. It’s one-stop shopping for your networking needs. You’ll be surprised to find that stars in your field (potential mentors) may follow you if you reach out to them first.”

What can Twitter do for me? “Twitter offers job seekers two important things: 1) the opportunity to share information and become known as a subject matter expert and 2) a place to meet and interact with contacts you would never otherwise know. Studies show employers rely on referrals as the number one source of hires (accounting for 27 percent of all hiring). Twitter can facilitate opportunities to create new friendships and to exchange information with people who may be able to help you propel your career forward.”

Miriam can be found tweeting as @Keppie_Careers. NWjobs tweets as @NWjobs and shares NWjobs articles and job openings. I myself tweet as @prolango.

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