About ProLango Consulting Inc.

Transform your life by transforming your career. At ProLango Consulting, we have had the honor and privilege of serving over 16,000 professionals make a quick and effective career transition–mostly to organizations they could get excited about.

In the Seattle area, we assist our clients through career transition workshops and executive career coaching. Our curriculum is developed from the ground up, borrowing from the neurosciences, social psychology, cognitive psychology, relationship selling, strategic selling, solution selling, and customer-oriented marketing.

Here are just three reasons why we think our approach is effective:

  1. Never trust the job description–what are the employer’s unadvertised needs?
  2. Develop a differentiating value proposition–what problems do you solve for the company and what makes you unique?
  3. Relationships give you an edge–which companies do you want to work for and who can help you meet the right decision makers?

Our clients include the military (e.g., army, navy, national guard), universities, NFL, corporations, and government agencies. Our work has been recognized by The Wall Street Journal, US News & World Report, Business Week, USA Today, The Seattle Times, and seen on the ABC, FOX, and NBC networks.